Impatience is a virtue.

How to Leave

Start a tab

Launch Leave from our push notification or your home screen.

Start a tab from your phone with your thumbprint or face.

Order a drink

Your tab is waiting for you—order a drink from the bartender or wait staff just like you normally would.

Enjoy yourself.

Leave when you're ready

Time waits for no man (or woman) and neither do you. Walk out of the bar whenever you're ready to Leave and we'll close your tab automagically.

That's it.


We even tipped for you. Look at that.

You can also close the tab manually in the app or at the bar like an animal. But you're not an animal.

Leave for Bar Owners & Employees

Larger tabs with faster table turn

Patrons who pay with Leave love to enjoy a night out on the town and consistently have larger tabs. Statistically, they also tip waitstaff both more frequently and at higher margins.

When patrons are done for the night, they want to get out fast—not stand around waiting for their server or to get the bartender's attention.

Enabling Leave at your bar lets customers get on with their night faster and frees up tables and stools for new guests.

Lower operating costs

The average bartender can close out a ticket in 30 seconds, but those seconds add up and are a waste because they're not making your customers a drink.

If your bar averages 100 customers a night, you pay someone for 50 minutes to run cards. Run that out over a year and it's 210 hours or someone's salary for a month and half.

It just got cheaper for you to make drinks and pour beers.


Say goodbye to locking up forgotten cards and IDs in a safe, no frantic phone calls from hungover customers.

With Leave, you never need to hold onto a patrons credit card or ID because everything is run from our app and synced to your POS.

Leave also validate users' state IDs, so you never need to worry about fakes.


Know what your competitors don't: your customers.

With our data, you can make more informed marketing and purchasing decisions because you'll know the details on the types of people that frequent your establishment.

For microbreweries and distilleries, this data is key. If/when you decide to sell your distribution rights, you'll be able to negotiate with more data on your side.

Want Leave at your bar?